Salvatore Difalco

April 23, 2018


Between Sleeps There was a hole in my ceiling, directly over my bed. I’d been awoken from a deep and nurturing sleep by a whooshing sound. Air pouring in through the hole made this sound. As I rubbed my eyes, I wondered if a meteorite had smashed through the roof. I live on the top […]

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Robert Wexelblatt

April 16, 2018


An Address Book             It was small, just six inches by four, covered in brown leather, worn and cracked.  I imagine it was handsome half a century ago.  I found it in one of the cartons of small items my parents kept when they cleared out my late grandfather’s house.  My mother had saved a […]

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Christine Liang

April 9, 2018


Oranges in Montenegro Blood orange sunset on the end of our little cul de sac, God she walks to me like a dream. Breezy wishes straight up her skirt, thinks of fistfuls of her flesh under my hands. To be with you is to forget all else. Every morning, I wake to a new entitlement: […]

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Jonathan Ferrini

April 2, 2018


Garlic Boy The screams and cries are loudest at night and aggravate the inmates who encourage the predators and fantasize about the fate of the prey. It isn’t long before “Om Mani Padme Hum” resonates throughout the cell block and peace replaces terror.  It’s my final night after being incarcerated at Corcoran State prison for […]

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Richard Krause

March 26, 2018


A Piano Story She didn’t see the outline of his face.  It was so big, a solid imposing mass just like the rest of his body.  It appeared gray like all the others with almost no identifiable features except the ears and the long nose.  Those comparatively beady eyes she never even noticed as looking at her.  His tread […]

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Sam Thompson

March 19, 2018


Pilgrim: Hinterlands That January, Alex bought a gaming console. He didn’t know why. He’d taken no interest in video games since he was a teenager, and now was not the time for a new hobby: Peter’s father had had a stroke on Christmas Eve, so that the past weeks had been consumed by grim phone […]

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Allen X. Davis

March 12, 2018


38 Marigold Penny the dispatcher sends me to 38 Marigold for that cute girl with the big tits who goes to the methadone van and back every day. A free ride and she’s always late. According to Joe, who is neither straight nor gay, just kind of asexual, she charges eighty bucks for a you-know-what. […]

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