Alex Stone

June 18, 2018


Old Wiring Risa arrived at her mother’s. Her sister’s words from last night had settled on her skin like cigarette smoke. Stinking. Suffocating every pore with their toxins. Risa lived an hour’s drive away, but hadn’t visited her mother in months. Life has a way of making 45 miles a rigorous trek. Now, she needed […]

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Sarah Grimes

June 11, 2018


Demon She strode across the esplanade in that expectant hour just before dusk. The tedium of daily life lay heavy on her that evening, and as she walked she tried to shrug off the weight of malaise. Fog had begun to gather at the edges of the city; it wouldn’t be long before it reached […]

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Vincent Barry

June 4, 2018


More Fata Morgana than Memory?                  Maybe it was seeing The Treasure of the Sierra Madre again. Or perhaps it’s just the mounting years. Maybe both. Whatever, something has awakened my “inner prospector.”. . . Call ’m—what? . . . How about Howard? He’s pitting for gold, Howard […]

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Ernesto Reyes

May 28, 2018


Deception 1:28 a.m. Looking at him, she was able to feel his guilt and remorse, but this was something mutual. She nearly hated him, but not as much as she hated herself. They were sitting at the kitchen table. No one had said anything in almost twenty minutes. The only distinct noise in the entire […]

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William Cass

May 21, 2018


Gumdrops Esther stood at the kitchen counter listening to the news on the radio and waiting for the kettle to heat on the stove.  The weather report predicted that the oncoming snowstorm would be the worst of the winter so far.  She looked outside the window as the gray, heavy-bellied clouds gathered over the treetops; […]

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Frank Beyer

May 14, 2018


Mr Nice Around eight months after switching from bikes to electric Kivurz trikes things finally settled down. The new, wider wheels made the Kivurz more stable and so nobody was in danger of rolling one. Ross, the postie who’d stolen the wheel bolts was long gone. Post had told police about the theft and damage […]

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Jeff Nazzaro

May 7, 2018


Proven Points I hadn’t had a drink in fifteen years. No New Year’s resolution or intervention; no riot act, divorce, or DUI. No AA. I just quit. Lots of hangovers, lots of little embarrassments, not a few blackouts, some periods of moderation washed away by ruthless binges, and then I stopped. I was twenty-two. On […]

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