Fred Vogel

July 16, 2018


Jumping to Conclusions   Charley moved to Portland to be with a woman he had virtually fallen in love with over the internet. The two had a mutual appreciation for indie films, micro brews, Thai food, and Bluegrass music. They picked out a sad-eyed pooch from the shelter and named it Humphrey. Charley thought he […]

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Sankar Chatterjee

July 9, 2018


Racism Flows Through It In the year 1964, Mr. Edgar Ray Killen, a young sawmill owner as well as a part-time preacher in small Baptist Churches in rural Mississippi, also clandestinely belonged to the local section of violent KKK-gang of white supremacists. That summer, Mr. Killen would learn about three youths, two white and one […]

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Jerry Vilhotti

July 2, 2018


The Immigrants Their third born, Christina would carry for three days dead. Dead. Dead; afraid they would be turned away before reaching their destination of Sao Paulo where two miles outside the large city work awaited them on a coffee plantation as a cheap labor force. “And what are you carrying in your arms, young […]

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Sam Nolen

June 25, 2018


With Feeling Under normal circumstances, she wouldn’t have accepted male students at his age. It would have been creepy. Teenagers were bad enough.  But he had come recommended by a family friend, this erstwhile titan of Wall Street, recovering from a stroke, regaining his legs and his consonants. It was hard to refuse a healthy […]

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Alex Stone

June 18, 2018


Old Wiring Risa arrived at her mother’s. Her sister’s words from last night had settled on her skin like cigarette smoke. Stinking. Suffocating every pore with their toxins. Risa lived an hour’s drive away, but hadn’t visited her mother in months. Life has a way of making 45 miles a rigorous trek. Now, she needed […]

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Sarah Grimes

June 11, 2018


Demon She strode across the esplanade in that expectant hour just before dusk. The tedium of daily life lay heavy on her that evening, and as she walked she tried to shrug off the weight of malaise. Fog had begun to gather at the edges of the city; it wouldn’t be long before it reached […]

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Vincent Barry

June 4, 2018


More Fata Morgana than Memory?                  Maybe it was seeing The Treasure of the Sierra Madre again. Or perhaps it’s just the mounting years. Maybe both. Whatever, something has awakened my “inner prospector.”. . . Call ’m—what? . . . How about Howard? He’s pitting for gold, Howard […]

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