We are looking for previously unpublished literary short fiction of no more than 3,000 words.

Exceptional stories will be listed in our Editor’s Picks page.

You are responsible for the originality of your work.

Send one long story of no more than 3,000 words. Or, at the most, three pieces if you are sending flash fiction of no more than 500 words each.

Format your work as follows:

Double-spaced between paragraphs.
Double quotation marks for speech quotes.

Paste your story into the body of your email.

Send a short third-person biography along with your story.

Put “submissions to Subtle Fiction” in the subject line.

Simultaneous submissions are okay but please let us know.

Send your submissions via email to subtlefiction (at)

We are unable to offer payment to contributors.






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  1. Hello! I have a quick question: May contributors reprint pieces in other places, such as a personal blog, as long as Subtle Fiction is appropriately credited? If so, how much time is required to pass before a piece can be reprinted?

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