Miguel Gardel

May 1, 2017


Eve In school we looked at each other from a distance but didn’t talk. And then it passed and we began to greet each other. Her emotions were always in check. But were they? She had a master’s control of her face. It never twitched. She had practiced superiority. Embarrassment was for inferior people. Had […]

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T.R. Healy

April 24, 2017


Heart-Shaped Hour   “Did you see it?” Holt asked his sister as soon as she answered the telephone. “See what?” “Warren’s picture in the Telegraph.” “No,” Meg said, surprised. “What’s his picture doing in the paper?” “Today is the thirtieth anniversary of the fire.” “No.” “I know it’s hard to believe thirty years have passed.” […]

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Morgan Crooks

April 17, 2017


The Green Rope After Dad moved back his focus was fire. In his mind, our old farmhouse was one short away from a four-alarm blaze that would crisp us alive in our sleep. His solution was a ladder; an aluminum pole a bit longer than the frame of a window, and a bright green rope. […]

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Important Announcement

April 7, 2017


Due to circumstances beyond our control, we were unable to publish during the last five years or so.  Sorry about that.  But we are reviving Subtle Fiction.  Those of you who have submitted work, please resubmit if you’d like.  Those who haven’t submitted, please don’t hesitate to. Thank you very much to all the great […]

Paul Williams

September 10, 2012


The Art of Losing Everything He heard it first, a curious rushing noise. Stopped to listen. Then he saw it-but still couldn’t quite make out what it was, or believe what it was. Then it hit. He ran for his Ute, fumbled with the keys, but before he could open the door, a wall of […]

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Irena Pasvinter

September 3, 2012


Everything Is Fair I have many favorite writers. Most of them are dead, but some are still here. Each time my favorite author publishes a new book it’s like a holiday. When I learned that Julia Peters was coming to sign her new novel in a book shop just an hour drive from my neck […]

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Candy Caradoc

August 27, 2012


In-Between Places Alice convinced Paul to go for a walk with her, along the white, gravel trail that they had never ventured upon, even though it was only a ten minute walk from their flat. It wasn’t particularly strange that they had never walked there. The trail was adjacent to the main road that they […]

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