Ann Marie Gamble

November 27, 2017


Mondays Are for Changes Stella’s thigh muscles were starting to burn. To get to the executive level via the elevator, Marvin would have had to use his key card. They could have ridden anonymously to the thirtieth floor, and no one would miss her until the 3 p.m. status meeting, but now—for once—Marvin had found […]

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Fred Vogel

November 20, 2017


Three Hours There are two black skies. One is on a moonless, starless night. The other is like today, moments before the sky will open up and pound the ground with merciless rain. I can see that black sky on the horizon, ready to cleanse the world, to wash the dirt from my soul. Tonight […]

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Patrick Trotti

November 13, 2017


Editor’s Pick Taste the Rainbow She was eating some sort of candy. I could hear the television on in the background. I got out of bed when she began laughing. She always laughed like a hyena, cackling and obnoxiously loud with a snort at the end when she tried to catch her breath. Chelsea Handler […]

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Stephen Baily

November 6, 2017


Asleep In the aisle, the stewardess, a trim brunette, is securing the overhead bins. You cross your fingers. The seat on your left—the window seat—is occupied by a weary blonde who’s already closed her eyes. Is it possible the seat on your right—the aisle seat—is destined to remain unfilled? When cats bark. Out of a […]

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Fred Vogel

October 30, 2017


People Watching People watching at the mall is a lot like people watching at the airport, minus the baggage. Women strolling from store to store are unaware that they are under the watchful stare of yours truly. I am what you might call a serial people watcher. My preference is for younger women who tend […]

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Sankar Chatterjee

October 23, 2017


Failure of “Never Again” in Modern Times David Johnson, a third-year exchange-student from US was spending a semester in the famous Jawar Lal Nehru University in New Delhi, India.  He was taking courses in eastern religion, philosophy and non-violence movement.  The country just elected a new prime minister who campaigned on the promise of uniting […]

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Vincent Barry

October 16, 2017


A Man of His Word     D’ja see the picture of the guy up in Canada mowing his lawn as a towering tornado loomed behind him? His wife snapped it. She didn’t say why, or whether she alerted him, only: “A tornado warning had not been issued yet.” I guess she was waiting to […]

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