Kyle Foley

June 26, 2017


Editor’s Pick the west virginian i obtain a position at a motel. i work the front desk during night shift. i seem to inhabit an alternative dimension, one mired in confusica, one kidnapped by bewildermento. i feel exiled from the norm, the energy levels are subnormal. the travelers are often gnarled by the night’s rough-hounds, […]

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Fred Vogel

June 19, 2017


Pieces of Things Fall After graduating from NYU’s School of the Arts, Seth took classes at The American Mime Theater, with the goal of becoming a professional mime, much to the chagrin of his father, Wyatt. While still on speaking terms with the public, Seth waited tables at a popular Greenwich Village bistro, while his […]

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Robert Boucheron

June 12, 2017


Do You Want to Talk? I’m here to listen. An open ear and a shoulder to cry on, if need be. Nonjudgmental, as silent as the grave. You know me. After all, we’ve been friends for gosh knows how long, six or seven years? Or if not exactly friends, neighbors. The morning after the moving […]

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Samuel Cole

June 5, 2017


The Governor’s Table It was a magnificent table. Which is why I hated it, and chose to make it suffer. My father built it from a large maple tree that his father-in-law, my grandpa, the scariest man I’ve ever encountered, dropped off in the backyard during the night. Much like my mother, my grandpa came […]

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Genelle Chaconas

May 29, 2017


Editor’s Pick Strip The slot in the black door. In one of the many velvet imagination closets. Sometimes you imagine yourself as series of caverns of unfulfilledness darkness. You can hold the oceans of space inside. And be filled. The solid gravitation. Black water unrippled as the dark moon. Sometimes you have imagined yourself an […]

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Stuart Ste. Croix

May 22, 2017


Observe That’s what the teacher said. “Show me your world, and through your world, show me yourself.” Outside the library, I describe a fictional father playing with his fictional daughter, a too obvious daydream left crumpled on the library lawn. I walk home and start again. Write about the dead grass lawn and wood rot […]

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Sankar Chatterjee

May 15, 2017


Are You Carrying Any Explosive? John Dodd, a young American was passing through the security-check in the international airport in Lima, Peru, while his both luggage took their own ride through the X-ray machine. John passed through the security gate, getting thoroughly checked manually by the security personnel, when he noticed both his luggage pieces […]

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