Jerry Vilhotti

Posted on April 30, 2018


The Finger

I was playing golf with my cousin Flab and my oldest brother Lenny who
graduated from three penal institutions all ready. Flab, older than I,
kept saying after every bad shot that that had been his fault and
finally after hearing this a dozen times, I asked him whose fault did he
think it was? Both he and Lenny gave me dirty looks.

On the last hole, I and Flab just managed to miss the sand traps
surrounding the hole but Lenny went  into the deepest one and was
invisible to us.

I and flab managed to get our next shots just about on the green and
looked over to invisible Lenny but instead of seeing a club I saw a hand
and a middle finger!


Jerry Vilhotti has been fortunate to have had a publisher.  The Wolfian Press and its sister press Purple Unicorn Media accept two collections of his called “Gods Depicting Pastime”  (tone poems) and “Specs in the Eyes of Seeing” that follows a little boy’s journey, with short sketches, into manhood. 

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