Stuart Ste. Croix

Posted on May 22, 2017



That’s what the teacher said. “Show me your world, and through your world, show me yourself.” Outside the library, I describe a fictional father playing with his fictional daughter, a too obvious daydream left crumpled on the library lawn.

I walk home and start again. Write about the dead grass lawn and wood rot porch. The stained vinyl siding. At some point I stop and look down at each hand holding a piece of broken pencil.

It’s getting dark, so I go inside, turn the paper over and write: Mother cooking. Cramped kitchen. Bruised arms and burnt meat.

My baby brother squirms in his highchair, chubby hands stuffed in a toothless mouth. Then he smiles, and I wonder if it’s for me – if I am even a ‘me’ or just some extension of him. And with broken pencil I begin to write. New blue eyes still learning to see…


Stuart Ste. Croix earned his BA in Creative Writing from Chester College of New England and his MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Alaska. He currently lives in New Hampshire.