Jerry Ratch

Posted on May 7, 2012


(living alone now)

Oh, yeah, that’s me, the girl in the blue dress, the girl with short blonde hair. Slight smile occasionally passing over her face, sitting at the café table, waiting patiently for the semi-famous rock star to show and buy a house. Brown and sea-green eyes under heavy eyelids, the mouth that smiles easily, small curved lines at the corners of her mouth. She shakes her head, staring, looking inward, (living alone now) remembering.

What was it like once, in heaven? Yes, she probably has small breasts. The short fine hair at her neck like that. If you lift a curl away from her neck that is like the neck of Helen, what is it like there? Go ahead, kiss her on the neck, and see if she will come alive again.

And in her dream they meet again under the blue trees on the path (as in a Gauguin painting,) and he looks at her with his hands in his pockets, while she turns her head away. The red sun already below the horizon where red clouds are being torn away, and he stands on the path with his hands in his pockets as if saying, There is nothing he can do. She looking away and down the other path, where the two roads meet, under the tall leafless blue trees.


Jerry Ratch published 12 books of poetry, the novel: WILD DREAMS OF REALITY, and the Memoir: A BODY DIVIDED, the story of a one-armed boy growing up in a two-fisted world. His work can be purchased through the author’s website: .

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