Richard Pannbacker

Posted on May 17, 2011


It Was Fascination

Fascinator: I am gratified by the appearance of so many of us at the Royal Wedding.

Little Red Hat: In what way? Fascinators now have notoriety, perhaps. Certainly not wide acceptance.

F: We are indeed accepted as hats!

LRH: I believe the Ascot Dress Code specifies substantial fascinators. You are at best insubstantial.

F: The term is unsubstantial.

LRH: A grammatical vulgarity – perhaps appropriate to the subject!

F: Well, I’m a hat; I have searched both my own conscience and the Internet. You and your kind belong in the past. We fascinators embody the future!

LRH: A brave new hat for a brave new world?

F: You put it very well.

LRH: I would venture that you are more Orwellian than Huxlian!

F: Well, there’s no doubt in my mind as to my identity.

LRH: Ah! So perhaps you weren’t accepted by your peers during adolescence?

F: Of course I was accepted! How can you say such a thing?

LRH: Merely a clinical question.

F: You…you don’t think I’m different do you?

LRH: It’s not for me to say; not necessary, actually.

F: Aha! You’re part of them! I know what you’re…they’re up to!

LRH: I suppose knowing who they are wouldn’t really help much, would it.

F: Oh I knew it! You resent us because we’re so much more beautiful.

LRH: Looked into any pools lately?

F: Fergie likes us!

LRH: I rest my case. Fascinate: to attract by an unusual nature = a strange attractor = chaos.


Richard Pannbacker is a retired biochemist/teacher/sheepfarmer living in Manhattan , Kansas .  He writes short stories, short short stories and still shorter seven-line flash fiction.  He is the winner of the 22nd Annual “Kansas Voices” short story contest and has had short stories accepted by Pill Hill Press and The Right-Eyed Deer.